Monday 16 July 2012

Towel Stand by a 15 year old.

I look at this and grade it as a teacher.
Rigorous and demanding outcome - fine finish, commercially viable and all that teacher talk, yes its in the top band I would say...

But really the truth is I made it at 'woodwork club' at school, when I was 14 or 15 or 16 can't remember.

Mr Talbot my woodwork teacher. he was THE MAN.
My HERO. He was brill. I knew where everything in the whole department was so he was the boss of the club, but all these really old woodworkers would come and they would ask me loads of questions because I knew the workshop inside out (of course) I really fell in love with that woodwork atmosphere right then and there.

I made this as my first project and he helped. Those are his bandsaw marks on the legs. I remember this old man cutting his finger off on the bandsaw (sort of thing you remember when your young at a club) the amazing thing was he was dead calm, just held up his finger and said 'could someone give me a lift to the hospital please?'

I carved a 3D knot for him as a thankyou, he was amazed and couldn't figure out why it didn't fall apart, which was a nice reaction. I probably get a card if I am lucky from one student a year. most never even say thankyou for all the hours we put in for them. I do get lots going on to do woodwork mind you. I remember Mr Talbot (Eddie) saying I was his first student (he had already been teaching a long time) who went on to study furniture (his specialist subject) but maybe that was just Newcastle for you!

My mum hangs her towels on - handy really. Nice to see these things still being used. She has my rocking chair as well and a japanese chair, oh well, I suppose loads of stuff if I was to be honest.

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