Monday 2 July 2012

So all this effort for the jig in the fly-press was to make some escutcheons and fit them in some antique boxes I picked up.

So here I have cut in the brass plate - 2.65mm thick so I cut them down to 2.8mm and Araldite did the rest.

Little stuby chisels are great here - although the finish on modern made chisels (like the tang) is rubbish. For a couple of quid down the car booty you can get the best chisels in the world. Honestly. Don't be fooled by those big companies, I know, I spent 10 years in retail selling you stuff you don't need.

Finished! Just need some nails - purely decorative of course, this is my first one of course...

Got some shiny brass nails in there now - it will do.

I like buying a box that someone else has hand cut dovetails on. Saves me loads of time - took me days to remove the 2 thick layers of flowery wallpaper on the inside - some people just have no taste.

Now you might be wondering what amazing things I am keeping in this box that has taken so much work to restore...

Just polishing compounds actually...

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