Tuesday 3 July 2012

 Japanese Chip Breakers from British Chip Breakers
(note substitute Capping Iron for Chip Breaker if you want)

Now for those of you obsessed with making things (might be a good reason to read this stuff) I think this is a brilliant idea. I am known for liking my good ideas, but that self-affirmation always is good.

I want to replace this cheap stamped out crap Japanese one in the background of the top picture so have a laminated steel London one I am going to cut down.
Close up of Lamination line? Never thought they were laminated before - but what else could this be - will investigate more but busy at the moment.
 Less than 10 minutes later I have a perfect (in my opinion much better) Japanese chip breaker.
 Close up of Stamp - ''LONDON CAST STEEL''
I will naturally stamp my BN logo under here soon.

Version 2

This time I will keep it flat BEFORE I stamp my logo on it.
Then knock over the corners....

This process I have come up with is:

Produces top quality results.
Re-uses old breakers / capping irons which cost very little.

Concerns - not stiff enough or thick enough material?
Well I have made that version all ready, I have quite a few monster 6mm breakers but haven't got them out to show off yet. Soon....
Preliminary testing looks good!

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