Friday 13 July 2012

I always wanted an old Stanley socket chisel to restore.

I got this for about £7 from a market I have been visiting on and off for about 12 years now.
They know me there. They know I know, if you know what I mean.

Leather washer is a nice idea I toyed with copying in my new handle.
But I don't like it enough to justify the extra work.

Not a classic Stanley 750 but a 'D' if you read this and know about the differences I would really appreciate you comment / information about this chisel.
I like this proportion and the blade steel seems very good.
I have never liked the length of the handles mind you - this is my main complaint about the new Lie Nielsons - handles too small!

Lie Nielson often gets his handles wrong mind you.
At least he went for hornbeam - very nice wood.
I have had this piece of Ebony for ages now, wondering what to do with it.

It is EXACTLY the right size for this handle. Made to be. This is one of my favourite bits of making, when the right wood arrives at the right time.

Can you believe the belt broke on the lathe while I was just finishing this off?
How many of you have had a belt brake on them? It is a rare event - just when I was going to shape the handle - ahhhh!!!!

Spare was in the post as well - not yet arrived, would you believe it...

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