Monday 9 July 2012

Some spokeshave Mouths - a little more info..

This ones inspires by you John!
It the bottom picture you can see some of my soles I have inserted into traditional wooden bodied spokeshaves.
My first one (the boxwood second down from top acquired in High Wycombe) was just amazing - the blade is about 15-20 degrees so super sharp and just a joy to use - it got me hooked.

From Bottom up..
Boxwood + Brass insert.
Beech + Lignum x2
Yew - a lovely test of your carving skills making one from scratch.
The 50p Spokeshave I just went through in my Blog with the Marples stamp on right (my BN centred in front)
Boxwood - no mouth.
Veritas scraper shave - I made a couple - but this is worth every penny, lovely bit of kit.

So top tip?
Thoroughly clean Lignum (and other oily timbers such as Iroko etc) with Acetone before gluing up.
Brass is stronger and denser than woods (duh....)
Lignum 'burnishes' the wood with its naturally oily surface and I just LOVE that finish.

Top thought of the day?
We hollow ground all of these blades a long time ago, just like the Japanese still do.
So whats the point? Hollow grinding can save you loads of time, which is great if you have RSI.

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