Monday 2 July 2012

Fathers Day was the best.

My present was £10 and the morning at the car boot with Arion my oldest. We spent £9.50 and got LOADS of cool stuff - tons of tools for me - toys and books for him.

This spokeshave was 50p. Very good condition.
But I want my stamp in the middle so had to strip it back and cut in a Lignum Vitae sole plate.
 Using my new Japanese carving rasp. I put a Raspberry Jam wood handle on it.

 Fine tuning the groove with 360grit non clogging on 25mm MDF.

I like toothbrushes, great for cleaning stuff up. Always have one in my pocket at work - kids still can't get over that. Very useful in so many ways.
I learbt this trick from a Japanese sword sheath maker. Cut a strip of rubber from an inner tube.
For clamping uneven shapes together it is ideal - although I do not use mushed rice as glue! I don't want to take it apart later.
Time to sharpen the blade while the glue is drying. This is a 800grit waterstone - use the edge so you can work the curve gently. It is very important to blunt the edge on a fine stone accurately - get rid of the nicks and to give you a perfect 'line of light' to work to.

I have never used this method before. I always try new stuff out. This is a Japanese knife guide (made by Global) which I have popped onto the back of the blade. This is a much steeper angle than I would normally use - like I say - just trying it out. Finsihed off with an old Nagura stone - 6000+grit.

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