Tuesday 10 July 2012

Doors are finished nearly! so time to Lemon Oil them.

Brown Oak has 2 coats of Lemon Oil
Spalted Beech Panels are french polished.
The smell took me straight back to Furniture college being taught the art of the rubber, shellac beetle life cycles etc.

Before and after polish here.

This cabinet smells lovely when you open it!

Now what the hell do I put in it?

Originally it was for all my Rosewood and Brass marking out tools, everyone who sees it (who are not woodies) say its too nice for tools - stick it in the house.

Now I am thinking of just putting my Kanna in the centre and my chisels in the doors (which is what they were designed for)


Finished Polishing at last! This will be the internal view.

This will be the external view.

Doors are unfinished, I will scratch a false shadow line with my scratch stock (see previous posts) onto this edge, 9mm in, once I have done the final fit (which requires me to get the hinging mostly done) This technique is  outlined in Krenov's book (Impractical Cabinetmaker - or the Art of Cabinet Making, can't remember) I have always wanted to try it out...I will post a photo when its done.

This will be a view you will never see...

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