Sunday 1 July 2012

Polishing Hinges

I was taught you had to polish hinges before you put them on.
So on my Brown Oak cabinet the hinges needed to be nice.
£125 for Brusso's - I mean come on, that is just stupid.
People like me do not have money like that.

So what you do is get cheap hinges then:

Glue sandpaper down onto thick MDF strips cut to the width of the abrasive roll. Then sand the hinges through this order:
120 Grit Mirox (biggest mistake is to start too fine I think)
240 Grit Mirox
400 Grit Dry and Wet (I never have understood why they wrote it the wrong way round)
1000 Grit Wet
Polishing strops impregnated with:
1. Rottenstone (great stuff)
2. Flexicut Gold polishing compound
3. Brasso - then clean up with a cloth.

Hinge top left before polishing.
I even polish the heads of every screw, in alignment with the slot of course. But you don't need to be so aggresive when you start!

Did I forget to mention any of the following?

10 Hinges
60 Screws

+ Spares (2 Hinges + 10 Screws)

I have chronic pain,
I hate hinges,
Doing this has cast me deeper into the pit of pain, but not quite as far as using this stupid computer everyday has.

They look really nice and I don't care if they are not perfect because I gave it enough of a go to justify to myself that any more effort would be too far up the exponential curve of time against perfection, that area where extra time = barely any more perfection. I care too little for this area now - not like when I was younger, but I older than that now.

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