Thursday 12 July 2012

Had a good idea today.

I have kept changing my mind on how to get the doors of this cabinet to close. Decided today.

Rare earth magnet (10mm) glued into a 10mm hole with a custom made brass cap over the top.
The hole and the cap both have a 45 degree chamfer.

The top photo shows how I put the caps into a recess upside down, and then I could file them down accurately.

This is what will actually keep the doors closed, although one half will be glued into the door and the other into the carcase of course. 
The elegance of this solution of course is when you open the door you are confronted by brass detailing, nothing else and circles and rectangles of course. Important to have a theme, stick with the same shapes, good design is all about this. I was going to do squares, but that just would not be as nice or easy to make perhaps....

These magnets are strong!
Something like 1.5kg+

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