Sunday 1 July 2012

 Fly Press Tooling - ideas for stamping brass Escutcheons

Well this has been getting a little out of hand - but oh well that is the nature of making things.

I want to accurately stamp brass Escutcheons that I have made with my stamp - but have no way of holding them in place.

So made myself a plate to fit in base of press and tapped 4 x M8 around the edge.
Cut out a 10mm cast acrylic plate, large holes under the penny washers allow movement prior to allignment.

Here I am stamping a little 2" Engineers Square, with the old fashioned 'hit it harder with a lump hammer' approach. Just make sure your blow is above a leg of the workbench...

This vice is a beauty. VERY heavy.
Most difficult tapping I have ever done - at 1% carbon this is one heavy duty bit of steel.

This is part of some tooling I got with the press. Weighing in over 6Kg it took a blunt saw on a power hacksaw 5 hours to get through! Ummmmmmm new blades needed me thinks, I have not heard my brother (who is a blacksmith) laugh so loud as when I told him it took 5 hours! He said how big is the hacksaw? I said 12" blade at a guess - no problem I'll give you some blades next time I see you...
Seriously the preliminary swarf was glowing red on fire...

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