Tuesday 31 July 2012

So time to restore some English planes now.
I have not finished stamping my BN in all of them but the bases are perfectly flat (and slightly Japanese in some cases of course!) with closed off mouths using Lignum Vitae.
Thick 7mm Lignum angled so it has plenty of life and will withstand being re flattened many times.

Please remember these were rusted up, covered in paint, scratches, dents and bashes, found for pennies in the bottom of tool boxes at car boot sales. Un loved and unused, hidden potential. Restored by yours truely.

I like this plane as it was made in Birmingham - where my parents lived and met.
Different horses for different courses.
This is what you call a fine mouth!
Every crack reminds me of a bowling match now....
For a big plane this is also a very fine mouth - but very serviceable.
These 2 planes will take the finest of shavings now.
My tiny smoother has a larger mouth as I want more flexibility in a small one handed plane.
Blocks Only?
Made in Austria would you believe!
Made exclusively for Ward and Payne - with original stamped iron and chipbreaker of course!

My mini smoother's - only restored the one - the others live on a shelf - I have re-used their irons for other planes. But boy are they cute and tiny.

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