Monday 16 July 2012

50 hours and counting

This is my latest masterpiece.
Every carving must be bigger, bolder and more complicated and mind blowing. This is a snap from my sketch book, I like sketch books, got a good collection, always got one on the go, that is very important I believe.

If you have the time and energy study the sketch and follow the ring around. This is what all my carvings are about. this is my theme.

So here on the left is my full size 'model' in that blond mahogany or Obeche or something like that. 25 hours work. Then I thought 'YES' this is possible (it is all an experiment of course) - time to do it in Lime.
Now 25 hours later I have 2 half finished carvings - ummmm....

I am having a break from it for a little while now due to the addictive nature of carving - once I get stuck it I have to limit my self to about 30 mins - 60 mins very max a day. otherwise I get in trouble. Relapse to the point of not being able to use my hands for even simple things - like driving for example.

I have made the templates for the chain and I am currently drawing them on.

PREPARATION - that is the key.

Then I am really looking forward to cutting through and opening it all up to the elements - I will use the practise piece first of course!

The hole is for clamping it in a special clamp I designed just to carve this and other Torus based 3D knots - like my never ending torus you might have seen lurking around as my identity.

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