Friday 26 October 2012

Time to make a Japanese Genno (hammer)
This will be a plane adjusting hammer (like I need another one don't I?)
Lignum Vitae for the head (hardest wood in the world apparently?)
Holm Oak (from Westonbirt Arboreatum) for the handle.
You know you are down to you marking gauge line when you
have that lovely long hair start to peel away...

Difficult to work this Lignum - razor sharp scraper is the key.

I am sorry to report David I have found a flaw with the marking knife design...
If you have a lapse in concentration and press to hard (this Lignum is hard after all)
the blade can snap, fly into the air (luckily missed my eyes) but did cut my finger.
This is all immaterial however, it was my favourite marking knife and I am sad.
(It was a copy by the way - not an original David Barron)
Went back to my Krenov copy which has a short thick blade.
Will have to figure out how to repair this - got plenty of spare blades.
But I did Araldite (epoxy resin) it in....

Dry test fitting - note taper on oak handle, I like straight tapers...

That will do...

Tapering sides and adding chamfers

Time to get the handle rounded and splits cut for the Lignum Wedges...

Clamp up with a sash cramp, mortise has a tapered cut to it of course.

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