Saturday 27 October 2012

Thought I would make a quick Dai in Goncalo Alves.
Never worked it before - but David Barron has used it and recommended it for a number of reasons, not least density and wear resistance.
I have used it for Krenov planes but this will be my first Dai.
i like the streaks in it - it was a bowl blank, I cut it into 3 plane Dai blanks
and have been letting it settle for quite a while now.

 I will be using a second hand 'beat up' Japanese blade I have restored 
and a special chip breaker I have made.

Here I am using the legendary chisel made by Master Stanley San.
It uses a rare unbreakable wood for the handle called 'plastic'
I paid a little extra and got this special figuring in the handle.
(I just stuck a 35 degree bevel on it and smacked the hell out it actually)

I can see daylight - I like this bit - like when the Euro tunnel met in the middle.
Just a little bit smaller and not such a great engineering feat I suppose.
I didn't use a laser either by the way.


  1. Loving the blog. Really pleased I've found this via David Barron.

  2. Hi David, your very kind, it was David Barron who inspired me to start documenting the things I make when I met him and he said 'have you got a blog or a website?' Well I do now! All the best, Berin.