Sunday 14 October 2012

Now I am going to make a little appeal here...

I would like a few of you to leave a comment here or there if you wouldn't mind, as it would be great to hear from you, I am trying to leave more commentary of other peoples blogs as they keep asking for feedback, so it should go both ways I suppose?!

Thanks in advance. Plenty to follow and a new Blog I am creating specifically for the Japanese Tool Study Group, so that should be exciting....Watch this space for the link!


  1. Hi Berin,

    I found your blog today through David Barron's blog. I am reading your last 15 posts and like the variety of content. You write an interesting blog, for sure.


  2. Hi Chris, Many thanks for your kind words. I read a lot of blogs so try to keep the photo content a lot higher than the word count! Its really great to have some feedback, its well appreciated. All the best, Berin.