Saturday 6 October 2012

Just occasionally it all just comes into perspective.

I remember that we are just a small animal with an over inflated sense of proportion flying through the universe and really NOTHING means anything beyond our little minds sense of what we feel it should mean. It changes day to day year to year, culture to culture, really it is all meaningless. If I start thinking about the vast majority of the population who are convinced in the existence of some super natural, mumbo jumbo, mighty being, old book told us so, faith is the answer system then I do really get scared. So I try not to think about that much anymore. Did that, got the T shirt. Some people are scared by the thought that nothing has any meaning, worried to be sucked into nihilistic philosophy, but the realisation gives me strength. No meaning is the meaning. Life is the purpose of life. Sword inside the blade. Gestaltism.

Betrand Russell said - ''Between the ages of 15 - 18 I spent all my spare time thinking about the Christian Dogmas and trying to find out if there was any reason to believe them and by the time I was 18 I had discarded the last of them.'' Listen to him in 1959:

Betrand Russell 'Why I am not a Christian'

And then I feel better and get back to the children.

Umm please watch this if you have 19mins - it is very worthwhile.

Schools Kill Creativity - By Sir Ken Robinson

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