Saturday 27 October 2012

A quick bit of Kanna Maintenance along the way is essential.
It is almost one of my favourite therapy's...

I have a half finished proper square for doing this - but hey we all have loads of
half finished projects so I won't give myself a hard time about it.

To save cash I made my own scraper plane for relieving the soles.
Beech with an A2 Lie Nielson blade, pitched at 95 degrees.
It stayed still for too long so got stamped twice -
it keeps out my way now.
Learnt its lesson.

The received knowledge btw is you are not supposed to wedge wood
 against a bar as it will compress and eventually lose its bite.
I personally like to test out the conventional knowledge.
I have found no problems here.
Would I sell it as a product mind you?

No I would cover myself with a piece that fits onto the bar,
this distributes the forces and provides more 'bite' for the wedge.
For me however simplicity is the key, less components is good.
Less glue lines = less problems.

Kanna - one block of wood and one blade.
you do not need anything else.
(well a plane adjusting hammer helps,
or a selction of hammers...dammm it...its getting complicated again)

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