Sunday 28 October 2012

My last piece of this Brown Oak - hope I don't muck this up.
Met quite a few people who dislike A2 steel lately.
Personally I could not believe it the first time I got this Lie Nielson A2 in my 5 1/2.
But everyone has favourites and really who cares? It doesn't matter.
Don't judge a craftsman by his tools, but what he makes.
Mind you in Japan...

If only I had a thicknesser - next workshop!

I love this cheap mini brass Japanese clamps for jobs like this,

Got a lot of ends to plane square - can you believe I still do it like this?
I must be mad, why I am not using a shooting board is because I don't have one.
I have all the parts and designs to make the ultimate one - just never got round to it...

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