Tuesday 16 October 2012

A dream comes true thanks to Rob Stoakley!
I get my hands on a real Krenov, made by the master in the twilight years of his life.
Bubinga smoother with Hock Blade - never used!!!
(I am amazed Rob it must be said, that you have not used it - yet I do understand that the last person who ever made a shaving with it was Jim - so I get that, but me?
I would have had the baby going the minute I had those wrappings off!!!!!)
Thanks again Rob - really was a great day....

You can see the influence this style has on David Barron's planes for example.
It was really a special moment for me and I don't want to sound too geeky but their was a tear in my eye to think that he made the plane I was touching.
This like other planes made at the end, when his eyesight was failing badly, they are even rougher around the edges than early pieces, but that's the whole point - it was how they worked when you held them in your hands that was the point of why he was who he was, it just seeps out of his writings, this connection...
A true collectors item.


  1. Hi Berin, great blog, and this is the first time i hear someone talk about a Krenov plane as a real item and not only a style of planes inspired by... i bet you couldn't believe your eyes,
    great work keep it on.
    Mishael Levron, Jerusalem

  2. Glad you enjoyed the Krenov plane Berin. He's one of my hero's so to have something that he made above my bench is always a bit of an inspiration. It came wrapped up in several layers of a San Fransisco newspaper (which I still have in the cardboard box) together with the original test shavings that JK took with it, so you can understand why it's never been used.

  3. Thankyou Mishael, I have just been reading your very intersting blog and the wonderful workshop images you have found! Excellent work. Like you Rob I too have Japanese Newspapers that have kept antique planes safe on their journey over here. I like the fact that Krenov early in his career said he would never sell a plane, then towards the end of his life made and sold lots. It is important to change both your direction and ideas as you age. It was a day I will not forget.