Saturday 27 October 2012

Got this idea from Chris Hall and his brilliant Blog :
It is a tripod chip breaker.
You see I am really after getting the best for the least.
Using the best of British with the best of Japanese...
Made by me in the best way I can, or just quickly if I want.
So what I thought was - why can I not use the Plane iron off cut?
its great steel - got a cool stamp on it?
Worth a go - I will gain lots of knowledge and experience on this journey me thinks.
So yes it is an ugly blade - but honestly don't waste your time worrying about it.
I am fine with it - I have tapped it out (Ura - Dashi) Ground it on a dry grinder..
(you can dry grind Kanna blades contrary to some beliefs)
Had it over a 13,000 Sigma ceramic select 2 stone....
Its good enough to learn with!
A couple of screws and some sellotape held it in place while I ground it down.

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