Saturday 27 October 2012

I hate the fact we get 90% of the job done then move on to another...
I still have not got round to getting these doors filled up with chisels.
I mean I might change my mind later and put planes in them instead.
BUT they were designed exactly to fit 6 chisels across,
 so 6 x 4 is 24 chisels with my Kanna.
But I have been deliberating over this for literally years..
I just have not seen a satisfactory way of solving this problem
So today I decided to resolve it by virtue of the fact I have no distractions.
I am on my own, hence loads of posts on the blog and loads of woodwork.

Idea part 1 : use a a tapered reamed hole for them to wedge into.

Make a mock up, test and fit.

Idea part 2 - have a 10mm hole drilled in the back
with a rare earth magnet hidden inside

From the front you will never know about the magnets,
but they will align the chisels and keep them from not being PERFECTLY
straight up and down which could possibly bug me.
I mean it might.
So there is a wedge and a magnet - so they should be ok I think?
Time to machine up the Brown Oak.
By this I mean do it all by hand, for it has come to my attention
that some of you woodworkers out there have machines.
You just pop over to the planer / thicknesser and circular saw...
I have to do it all with a bandsaw and plane!


  1. Came here via David B's blog.

    Fantastic stuff here, you're my kind of bloke. Couldn't find a email address for you though :(

  2. Hi, Thanks for the comments, I have put an email address on my profile now! :) All the best, Berin.