Saturday 20 October 2012

Many thanks to my friend Andy for the railway track off cut!
(its not everyday you say something like that)
Time to sort out the sections so they are suitable for tapping out kanna blades on...

This is a still image I have taken from the excellent video of Master Masakazu at work performing Ura Dashi on one of his Kanna blades, it is a profile I am aiming for...

It just need a couple of licks of paint and I will have myself a lovely new anvil!
Many thanks Andy, your a true craftsman, someone who earns their living making structures and framing in wood, using Japanese tools everyday, amazing.


  1. Its great to see the final result and thanks for the kind words.
    Can I see the hammer the hammer you use to tap out Berin.

  2. Hi Andy, everyone has a favourite hammer! (seen the email I just sent you?!) I do not have a genno (apart from the one I just made) yet personally feel it makes little difference at the end of the day, technique more than tool? It is after all only a small portion that makes contact. Recomendations (as you know) vary, for the other readers out there I have seen carpenters hammers used pointy end, japanese hammers 185g (Desmond King's tool of choice) while Chris Hall I think uses a 200g etc. My tool of choice is an Ash handled 165g cross pein, it is small, nicely balanced and makes me what to gently 'tap tap' rather than 'whack whack'! But I am after all very green on all this, I would be more confident when I had done this say 30 times. I will one day pick up a genno for the job. What do you use Andy and when you went to Germany what was the main type of hammer used out there?