Friday 2 November 2012

Went to work with my Brother for the day yesterday.
He works and teaches here in the woods.
Can you see the workshop? (one of them?)
Its just over that little bridge...
Nearly there...
There it is!
What a lovely walk to work eh?

Time to get the forge going.
I think I might make some Japanese Chipbreakers while I am here...


  1. Will they be laminated chip breakers ?
    If so can I place an order ?
    hope you had a nice day

  2. Hey Andy, I have finished them and put them in another post here:
    If you want a quote for some laminated in a true copy of a Japanese one then I could get him to quote us, a couple each? Let me know the sizes and we can send him a drawing or 2. He is a good maker and could do with a little extra cash...We could then do a review, I shall get the ball rolling.