Monday 12 November 2012

Japanese Tool Study Group meeting no.4
Focus of meeting - Japanese Planes.
So on Sunday we got together and planed all day, swapping notes etc.
Here I am shooting those shavings straight out.
I like this photo Rob took because you can see the shaving has landing back
onto the wood perfectly in line and parallel!
My shoulder is too high here - I was a bit cramped - loads of wood around!

Here is Rob ( using my Tsunesaburo plane and my friend Russell below having a go as well as Rob and Andy
(thanks for letting us use the space!) look on.

It was a great meet - but we need to do it again.
In the cold light of day I was not happy I passed on enough info.
Start with the basics is very important!
Instead I ran around tuning up a bit too much.


  1. Fantastic day and a really great plane...I've just put a few on my Amazon wish list for Christmas. Whether he'll leave me one in my stocking is a moot point. We live in hope....

  2. Well it all depends if it was on Japanese Santa's list I think?!

  3. I think you bring the sunshine to these meetings :)

  4. Well we would not have a workshop big enough to do this if it wasn't for you Andy, thanks :)

  5. ...and from me Andy. Many thanks for the use of your 'shop. A question for Berin though...where's the entry on your Blog for that little jig you made for the Chalco stamp, the one wot fit's on a sash cramp?