Friday 23 November 2012

Japanese Spokeshave - Tsunesaburo Blade

Working in Jarrah - about an hours work so far, marking out, cutting out.

I think I might use some box for a mouth insert.
Box is far to unyielding for a wedge based system like a Japanese plane blade.
Jarrah has better elasticity, OK density, but...
Yes I think I might use some of this spalted Box.

Thanks to David Barron's fantastic articles in Furniture and Cabinetmaking.
They really have been inspirational to me.
Giving great coverage to tool makers helped me believe it was a worthwhile pursuit.
I used this issue to double check blade angels.
I have decided to go with 58 degrees, just liked the number...
Sort of between 55 and 60 degrees.
I got an antique Japanese plane the other day - it had a 60 degree blade!

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