Tuesday 27 November 2012

Japanese Spokeshave in Jarrah.

I wish I had a nice saw to cut these grooves...

My favourite bit now - slowly making a perfect fit of the blade.
Patience my young Padawan..

Now we are getting there.
I don't like the graphite on the back approach.
Graphite is basically a lubricate - it is messy and gets everywhere.
I might change my mind - but I think its best kept in pencils.
I have a massive tin of powered graphite.
Sprinkle that on wheel axles and watch them go...
I go for the Camellia oil in a Kurobara (applicator) approach.
Seen a few Japanese Dai makers do this - if its good enough for them...
and the Kurobara has been used for centuries.

Now what shall I use for the sole / mouth insert?
Here I have Pink Ivory (very hard stuff) Ebony, Box, Cocobolo, Rosewood?
Mind you I have lots of Lignum Vitae as well...

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