Tuesday 6 November 2012

I LOVE Jarrah wood.
I must buy a big plank and make a Cabinet!
I had a huge fence post outside.
It was here when I moved in and I snapped off some steel screws in it when fitting some hinges.
I thought - what is this and why is it dark red?
About 5 years later it blew down and I reckon it was an old Railway sleeper.
They had a lot of Railways around us for coal and we imported Jarrah from Australia
It is very tough and resistant. It must have been stuck in the gorund for a long time! The house was built in 1851 so it could have been!
So I have made a few plane and treasured pieced from what I could recover and season from this piece. I only heave a couple of pieces left and one was just the right size to swap for my Cocobolo base which I damaged on my Stanley 81.

Made it much better second time round - no surprises there!

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