Sunday 4 November 2012

Now this is hot, be careful...
They are my Japanese Chip Breakers getting up to critical temperature.
Ready to be hardened, I am making some 5mm thick.
And this is an Anvil...

Then to a more up to date Forge for heat treating!

Here on the left is an antique Japanese Chip Breaker I am using as a template.
It also helps to show British Blacksmiths what it is you are trying to achieve!
On the right you can see how I have cut down a slotted blade.
I now have 2 thin blades, but they needed heat treating.
This is because we they lost their temper when being cut with the Angle Grinder.
So we then hardened and tempered them.
Interestingly Garrick used a heated bar as the heat source -
so you touch the blade to the bar.
This allows far more control in the process.
They are now MUCH better than the original!

I had this thrust in my hand as I left - don't know who made it?
Sure I will find something to hang on it.
Never did find out what my Birthday present was?!...

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