Sunday 4 November 2012

This is the view from the workbench at the wood turning area.
Can you believe it?!
A little later on I did a demo with some Japanese Planes I took along.
I was worried about the movement as they are not use to be outdoors!
It was remarked that they were very good at making toilet tissue...
View from Outside - approx 6 pole lathes + 3 shave horses etc.

Time for a cuppa from the stove?

Yours truly making a mallet handle.
David in the background, many thanks for your help - it was my first time!
So I turned up to work with my Bro and do some smithy work...
and David says 'hey want to make something on the lathe?'
Next thing he points at a pile of wet branches on the floor,
and says pass me the Holm Oak...
(which is funny as I just mad a Mallet handle in Holm Oak)
How do I know what moss covered Holm Oak looks like?
So we split it up, side axe to size, shave horse round, then off we go...
I have to admit David did the finishing touches and even sanded it for me!
I was in a hurry to get up to the Forge...
Umm next post will be on the metal work I got done I think!

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