Saturday 6 October 2012

Time to finish some planes with my stamp today.
It was obvious to start with my Box Mitre Plane.


Below is one of my stamping jigs, it just slips over a Sash Clamp (Cramp?!)


  1. Hi Berin,

    Lovely plane, I've never seen a piece of spalted box that big before! The stamping jig is a great idea. Like yours, my makers mark has a fair bit of surface area too. Up until now I've been using an almighty lump hammer and hoping to god it comes out crisp and level...on end grain box it's far from easy (which you obviously realised - hence the jig) thank you I'll give this a go next time.

  2. Hi Oliver, I have really enjoyed looking through your blog just now, where have you been studying? It took me right back to High Wycombe when I did the Furniture Design and Craftsmanship Degree course there under Philip Hussey. I have a Fly Press for heavy duty stamping:
    ( which are great, but the clamping is even more controllable, send me a image if you make one, I just made a first best effort really! All teh best, Berin.