Thursday 14 February 2013

Japanese Hammer

I am making this from some Hex stock.
Garrick reckons it will harden up nicely.
So I will just harden the ends now - when I have time!
Ummm that right hand side is thinner...
Nearly there with the filing.
Lots of sweat created doing that centre section.
If only I had a power hammer and forge...
could do it properly then and punch a hole rather than cut it out.

You could fiddle around getting this nicer.
But I didn't.
Sometimes the exponential curve of effort against achievement,
just makes you get on with the bigger picture of learning.
I like learning.
I like it SO much more than teaching thats for sure.

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Packing up...

Packing up all the bits and bobs
ready for another day
brought a new house
hip hip hoorah
I do like my hooks
carved from apple branches

Candle Sconces

Made quickly and inspired by Japanese Geta (clogs)
They float off the wall.
The candle weight locks the slot onto the screw.

Japanese Tanto

I like to distill the essence of what I find beautiful.
In this case the form and proportions of a Tanto.
I sealed this one.
There is a surprise inside.
Perhaps one day after I am gone someone will break it open.
Then they will find something magical...

Monday 11 February 2013

Plum, Yew & Holly Mallet

Nice curve in the handle, inspired by Japanese Mallets I have seen.

This time I went for a chisel finish on the Plum head
(thanks John for the wood!)
And a smooth finish for the handle.
Wedged with Holly, all good local woods to me.

Airfix Time

My son wanted to build a tank.
So I got him a tank.
Lots of making for £9.50.

Wednesday 6 February 2013

Maths Challenge

Here's a maths challenge for you,
How do you make a regular tetrahedron from square stock?
The crux of the problem is the compound mitre joint that must be cut.
There is a 54 and 30 degree angle in there somewhere from memory.
I suppose I have not figured out the jig - I only have a band saw and circular saw, neither very good, made many jigs for this, feel silly really...
Also you can construct an equilateral triangle from square stock....
Just  by using a 45 degree mitre saw...
I was happy when I figured that one out!

Quick Update
Just thought I would add that this is my 222nd post.
The number 2 is very important to me.
Might be a while till I get to 2222....

More Mallets!

More Mallets to keep my hand in.
I rarely do not know the wood I have or am working with...
But I am unsure of the darker timber here.
The handle is in Hickory, collected and seasoned from a local source.
Slightly spalted, which seems to happen a lot around here!

Luckily the stamp is only blurry in the photo and not reality.
Someone asked me a while back if I was basing my designs on
Japanese Mallets I had seen, the answer is Yes.
These Barrel shaped mallets feel really nice to use.
The longer shape is OK, but there is something nice
about the compact nature of their form when you swing them.