Tuesday 18 February 2014

So here we go - first carving project - new house.
I had to use the Island unit I made for the kitchen as my workbench!
I hand planed 4 Oak planks to make the top - from rough sawn!
Hours of hard work, but it keeps me fit and got me back into the routine...

I made this up a lot as I went - not having carved a sign (or letters) before.
I moved the 'S' as I was not happy with its placement - then regretted afterwards!

I tried sanding sealer - then 3/4 coats of paint.

Then you sand it to clean up the over painted edges...
add 4 coats of yacht varnish...

and wonder why the inside of the workshop is not finished when the sign is?!
So here is an idea...
Get a nice paint you like, find lots of old furniture,
(most of this has all been found in skips, or thrown away,
lots of it has been out in the rain for a weeks until I rescued it)
Then paint it all so it matches - this includes the old kitchen units
I have been keeping in my loft for 10 years, waiting for today!
This was 2 units of small and large drawers,
so I just took one carcase and the small drawers.
I had the handles in a box for 10 years as well,
now they have a home at last.
I think this near the bench with French lined drawers
would be nice for marking out equipment perhaps?
A dedicated Sharpening Bench!
Just in need of a nice solid Beech Worktop...

It is amazing what people throw away.
My best buy was 6.5M of solid 40mm thick beech worktop for £20.
It was left outside for a couple of weeks mind you...
My workshop now has a theme, Beech and green!

Monday 10 February 2014

I liked the fact all the wood was kept in the ceiling.
So I am building a similar storage solution in the new workshop.
To save space I decided to make it in steel this time.
Garrick told me he had finished the metalwork this week.
Knowing him it will be spot on, can't wait to see it.

The new owner of this workshop uses it to paint in.
I have seen some cool pictures on her facebook page.
It look good with a new floor and a lick of paint!

So this is what I said goodbye to all those months ago...
All pics of me making up to this point (in this blog) have been inside here,
Roughly 5.5m x 1.8m internal dimensions.
6 double sockets and 2 fluorescent tube lights.
Pressure treated shiplap frame with 50mm Kingspan inside the frame & roof.
Boarded internally with 9mm shuttering Ply. Insulated floor.

The couple who purchased the house from us are very happy with it!
I am so happy it went to the right people.

Sunday 9 February 2014

 Bad News
This is what I now need to convert into the workshop...
Good News
I have done most of it already - so will share some of the journey here!

I must extend my thanks to the vendor.
It was a stroke of genius to leave me all his crap.
He saved himself loads of time and money, clever bloke.
Most people would have cleared it.
In fact he was supposed to in the contract.
I nearly dropped it round his house...
But I'm a nice bloke so trip after trip to the skip sorted it.

Must get rid of this leaky Asbestos cement roof...
But I have put it a new double glazed unit to start off this renovation.
A present from my wife - a new house - a new life...
This was the inspiration for me to get carving again.
So I decided to carve my ultimate workshop sign.
The design that has been floating around in my head for so many years.

Saturday 1 February 2014

Coming soon to a Blog near you...

The New Workshop nears completion...

Under our Workshop Motto in ancient Greek:
Pathei Mathos
Through adversity, we suffer, experience and learn.
(For those who know not of my condition:
I have had chronic pain for 20 years now...
which explains why this appeals so much!)