Saturday 20 October 2012

Osaehiki Nokogiri x 2
(this is the saw used to cut the osae or side grooves in a Dai)
I have finished these, wrapped them up and they are ready to post to my friend John.
He has both the tools and skill to sharpen them - something I will practise once I have a file and an example to copy. there are a number of highly skilled saw sharpeners in the JTSG - a whole new adventure for me....
Warranted Cast Steel. Looking forward to the handle! Got the bindings all ready...
Straight off the file - no fussing.

You can see here I have wedged the tang so it will not come out once built into the handle. This is not traditional practise, not sure why I did it but it was such a quick make, I made the one then came home, found another saw I did not want and took that into work and made another.....might make them parrell later?

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