Tuesday 17 July 2012

Someone said something this week that got me thinking how we think we know what people are like but really have not got a clue. I designing some robot legs for example. Expanding compact mirrors. ladybird night lights with expanding feet that grip and cling to walls, weird stuff. I don't just make tools, planes and cabinets you know, I get enthused by bugs on the wall, this can lead to months of work. All of these pages here came from one moment - In Athens having a shower looking at the spray head connector that was designed on a ball joint - WOW! EUREKA! and off I went - those design moments where you take the sum total of your experience and apply it in a novel way to a problem inspired by something 'out of the box' are pure joy in the sense they tap into something fundamental about problem solving as a pursuit for the human mind. If there was not this feeling of attainment, pleasure of gratification we would not have anything much around us. People who don't believe in science are not allowed to complain via email - we will only accept complaints be telepathy or smoke signals. i heard that this week, good old Radio 4.

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