Monday 9 July 2012

Brown Oak Cabinet.

Cutting Dovetails, I tried using a mirror to save time looking at the other side. Notice the wide dovetail where I will cut off the door through the middle.

Next photo has some homemade tools.
Pull plane stop for using Kanna.
Oil wick aka Jim Kingshott, great to meet his grandson this weekend, Alan.
Scraper plane with Lie Nielson A2 Blade.
Long apple handle increases control on my piercing saw.

Now instead of spending £40 on a Brusso hinge template I thought I would make my own. Took 2 prototypes then I nailed it, simplicity.

10mm Acrylic with 5mm 'legs'

The only mark you need for the hinge is one little line in the middle of where you want the hinge, on one side only!

Very Quick set up, route one, then slide along. Jig cut on the microrouter, worked out to a very high tolerance by measuring all my hinges and finding an average - I worked it to 0.01 of a mm.

Half way through chiseling out the corners. 20 slots cut out and corners finished for 10 hinges in about 30 minutes. This would normally have taken me ages of stupid marking out and careful work, this flew by and made me very happy as well.

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