Saturday 7 July 2012

Japanese Mallet - Prototype No.2

I am starting to really like Beech, its growing on me (pun intended)
I used to find it boring but it has hidden strength, as I make tools now most of the time it has started talking to me. I have learnt to listen.
Lump Hammer time.
Detail of the tapered fit - from top and underneath.
I find it more logical to round the handle than chisel the hole.
The process is easier and more fun.
I had a spokeshave I had just finished that was chomping at the bit....

This will probably help hang it up - I call it 'the hole at the end'
 Still sticky, ummmm couldn't resist a snap.
I will stamp anything that doesn't move.

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  1. Good job Berin ,beech always goes that nice brown patina colour