Monday 10 December 2012

Wrap yourself with wonder

I have this thing where I must remind myself of the priorities.
An inspiration sheet is part of that.
Research what you want to make or similar inspirational products.
(this can take 1 hour or 1 year)
Make a single A4 sheet of the best images.
Print out and stick up in workshop to refer to.
Write down how long it takes to make as you go along on the sheet + notes
File when finished with a date on.
It works for me.
I do have a nice file now with lots of information in.
Oh yeah, I can't stand cheap Poly Pockets as I use them all day.
Nothing like a firm heavy duty micron plastic pocket at the end of the day.
AHHHH Stationery snobbery...
Oh yea I have machined out a few Holm Oak Kanna here.
Also a massive looking Spokeshavey thingy.
God knows who designed that.

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