Monday 10 December 2012

Japanese Toolbox - Ash and Walnut.

Been doing a little carving tonight.
Thought I would share a Pride and Joy.
Made this a few years back to keep my carving tool rolls in.
But I wanted lots of Air to circulate around them.
So the boxes float while being encapsulated by the Walnut frame.
Book-matched Black Walnut.
Ash pegs.

Lots of hand cut dovetails, no jigs,
just to practise getting my eye back in.
It had been a long time.

LOADS of chamfers on everything!
All by hand with a block plane, because I am that sort of guy!


  1. Very nice mate but how do you get to the bottom box?

  2. Ahhh! It is but one box. Cunningly disguised to look like 2 boxes. It fits 6 rolls so I suppose that 84 carving chisels.
    All the best,