Thursday 20 December 2012

Single Blade Kanna complete

Single blade, simple blade.
One piece of wood, one piece of steel.
Yes I think this relates well to my need to have a hobby that
does simple things well with craftsmanship.
I get through nearly everyday with the thought,
'Ahh... 1 hour in the workshop tonight!' - that is what I am looking forward to.
This blog, my making, has that 1 hour to thank for most of what I do.

I think that is what you call a fine mouth?!

As this was made the same length and width as a Japanese Dai I already had...
I thought I wonder how similar they are?
(I am thinking Holm Oak is even denser you see!)
So I have weighed them, bear in mind the Holm Oak
(on the right below and top above)
is actually a few millimetres thinner...
and the Japanese Dai has a steel bar in it while mine does not...
Japanese Oak = 463 grams
British Holm Oak = 461 grams
So Holm Oak is denser from my little experiment...


  1. Hi Berin,
    You've done a fine job with that plane. All the best David.

  2. Hi David,
    Many thanks, much appreciated!
    It is kind of addictive this tool making isn't?!
    All the very best,

  3. Hi Berin
    Thats a great looking plane lovely job. Can you show any shavings, oak or softwood.
    We had a sharpen up the other day and machined up some ash and made a stair case landing. We planed the end grain with my kanna wow we had end grain shavings 800mm long like silk strips wish I had taken some pics will try and set up again and show you.