Wednesday 19 December 2012

Kanna time (its like hammer time but more Japanese)

Flat Bench - 2 vices, 2 bench stops,
Hand made chisels, saws, knives and mallets,
all good to go.

This all looks like I have done it before?
About an hour to get here - getting faster now.
I like using this saw.
Maybe it is because John and I made it together?!

I like this bit - fitting the Dai to the blade.
Making them a unique pair - only this blade will fit this Dai.

I now have a super size 'Oil wick' as per Jim Kingshott's books.
Used with Camellia Oil as a giant Abura Tsubo.
I saw Inomoto -San use something like this.
You quickly wipe the blade over the 'wick' tap in, tap out, pare etc.

Got a good tight fit just where it matters here.

I like this moment - just as the blade starts to show through,
there is a reassurance that the 2 have finally come together,
maybe a fine tool will result from the union?
Soon we will know, the time is near at hand.
I reckon I will have this done in about 3 hours...

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