Monday 10 December 2012

What a nice Fokker

You know on the one hand I blame this on my older brother.
On the other hand I thank him I suppose.
For my oldest sons 7th Birthday he got an Airfix kit from my brother.
A German Fokker DR-1.
Now I am sure you all think he got him the plane to practise his Airfix skills.
Me? I think he had this wicked idea my son would go to school...
'Hey what did you do over the weekend?' a school pal would ask...
'Oh I built this cool Fokker with my Dad!' would be the innocent reply.
Just imagine show and tell.
Or me explaining how to pronounce it.
Ummm. He is a teacher as well, should know better.
God all 3 brothers are teachers now, crazy turn of events.
Anyway we made it - he loved it so all is good.
So that is on the other hand, bonding time in the workshop is invaluable.
The highlight of an often noisy and chaotic life.
He seems to know not to refer to it by name.
He knows he should not know if you know what I mean.

We do loads of Lego, REAL Meccano (not this new rubbish)
and of course designing and making,
So Airfix could be a new addition to our life!
Cheers blood, here's to the much bigger Spitfire I have my eyes on,
It is Christmas after all!
This is the real one below just in case you were wondering..

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