Wednesday 12 December 2012

Holm Oak Japanese Spokeshave

Right then lets learn some more about these then.
I won't be making the same mistakes again that is for sure!
I have also lowered the angle to about 42 degrees.
I suppose this is one of my favourite bits.
You can only produce an identically curve bed to fit the blade by hand.
So this is what makes it special - it is done by hand for one blade only.

We are at about an hours work here, which includes:
Marking out planing to size, marking out and cutting throat.
Paring back to lines, cutting and starting to fit blade.

So lets have a guess:
Another hour to fit the blade and a brass mouth
(yes I am going to brass it up real good - reckon it will go well with the Oak)
2 hours on shaping sanding, finishing and tweaking?
So 4-5 hours at a guess - I will let you know how close I am soon...
I have seen someone who spent 30 hours doing one of these...
But is only my second so I will get faster.
Please do not misunderstand me - I am not competing...
(I hear the flutter of raised eye brows)
Considering my finances, how could I compete eh?!
I use time as a measure, as that is what it is for.
If I launch into another Cabinet I will be busy for 30-50 hours.
I know that from a little experience.
I look at a carving - it will take me 20 or 60 hours etc.
The figures are relative to value if you want an income from it.
I do not, it is my hobby at present.
When I did the furniture degree we were taught to charge for
all design time as well as all the making time.
That is why I am into making tools lately - they are quick.
You can make a plane in under 2 hours, tools under an hour are good.
At school I do 'make and take' same lesson.
I need short little woodwork shots to keep me going,
the regular little kicks of completions.
I am busy, busy as a teacher and parent of 2 boys under 8.
 For example no workshop tonight...
Been marking GCSE Exams every night this week, finally finished.
At least phrases like 'turny thingy' lighten up the evenings!
Someone else drew a little ninja next to the Centre lathe on the paper...
Its 'misson' was to stop me giving a low grade apparently,
It didn't work - they got a big fat zero for that question.
But I have never had that one before!
Hey - thanks for coming over to my place.
Off to browse some Japanese tools now...

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