Wednesday 14 November 2012

Kanna Covers.
They are like well er covers you know for Kannas.

Had a little run on these lately to make enough to cover
the Kanna I take out and about.
I have wrapped a little block plane Kanna I have to show
the use for those who don't understand what I am going on about.
They protect the blade and stop dust and dirt getting in.
There are holes in the sky
Where the rain gets in
But there ever so small
That's why the rain is thin. 
Spike Milligan
I have used a type of Ito (braided wrap) that you would traditionally use for wrapping the handle of a Japanese sword, although this is different from the leather strip usual to these plane wraps I like the contrast, while I feel the material is in keeping and the design is mine and so more personal than a direct copy of what I may have seen out there already.

The extra long one uses my last piece of this lovely patterned Matt finish leather I used to line a present I made for Garricks Birthday. I noticed the other day when I went round he has it nicely displayed but it is unused. This raises an interesting question I have touched on before with objects of value.
Do you risk damage and wear to them?

Sometimes people come round to my house and are surprised by the beat up scratched surface of my solid teak dining room table.
I point out how you can actually read the homework's my son has done on it due the indentations he has left. It is next to me now covered in marker tip pens and burnt rings from coffee cups, you name it, its on it.
All the furniture in my house is actually used, by my whole family, lived with.
Its like tools in the hands of some woodworkers, they save up and buy £300 planes made of fancy metal and then make a load of rubbish with it. They have a lovely neat workshop, spend all their time hanging things up neatly and after 6 months have made a CD stand with fancy mouldings.
We must resist the new tool attraction, plugging the gaps with material acquisitions instead of the honing of skills or quality time with your family.
Mind you I do have my eye on a special Kanna blade...
No time to go to the workshop again.
Its a lovely moment in the new house when you knock over the first glass of red wine and get on with making your own marks...
I made this because everything is just knotted up and inter connected.
We just keep going round and round, one day I will be grown up.
An ex student came to me yesterday.
He said:
'Sir - they just don't understand what it is like out there in the real world'
I said yes I think your right.
He must be 17 I think...

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