Thursday 14 June 2012

 Knife Block in Cedar with Bamboo skewers

There is something very satisfying (I have been told) about stabbing the knife into the skewers.
Cedar plank is very carefully wrapped around to ensure grain flows perfectly. Mitres from my hand made mitre block.

I really really wanted to cut a design into the front so the skewers showed through. However living with a designer adn artist meant between us we had far too many ideas and we went on for a week coming up with ideas. So simple is best and I did nothing.

What I wanted to do was drill a big hole right in the middle and have a stringing line going around its waist horizontally from the edges of the circle, maybe next time.

So I decided to do a combination of two projects -  the cedar and bamboo storage units (on a previous blog) with the knife block idea as a house warming present for my brother - results below:

Skewers just packed in carefully - big puddle of glue at the bottom sets them.

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