Tuesday 19 June 2012

Just thought I would share a few pics of the restored plane I was talking about recently.
Lovely signiture on the Dai - I added an Ebony insert above it - with my BN stamp on to match the mouth below.
Lovely patina, well used. It has a brother with a rounded botttom - being tuned up to make my next cabinet with curved doors - Krenov cabinets are my new thing - more to come on the 50 hours (unfinished) I have spent on my brown oak cabinet lately...
Mouth is probably too fine currently - but we all make that mistake now and again - better than too big.
Sole is tuned up to the max, used it to clean up my cabinet doors, poor brown oak, didn't stand a chance!

I love single blade kanna.
One blade (the heart) One body - thanks Andy - great thought.

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