Thursday 7 June 2012

 BN Stamp.

Spent a long time thinking planning and designing this one.
Made it using CAD software so it was highly accurate - cut out using a Roland SX8 until I was happy as a sticker and then got it made in hardened steel (RC62 - so good for mild steel / brass as well as wood) by Ian at Chalco Stamp and Die. 16 x 10mm so in the golden ratio of 1.618. A perfect rectangle!
As recommended by Bill Carter! - Ian is a superb craftsman and I am very happy with the finished product.

Below are some trials and jigs I have made.
Got a Denbeigh no.3 Fly Press which is great as well, nice and consistant - but I am still learning.

If you want a stamp of anything - your signiture etc - just email them for a quote:



This was VERY heavy - but 2 man lift OK...
Good solid casting.

My fav technique so far is to rub in some soft wax -
rub off with white spirit and seal with oil.
Time will tell...
I like it anyway!

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