Saturday 16 June 2012

I have been restoring an old Japanese Kanna (well quite a few to be honest) and this blade is just beautiful to me. The size, proprotions and old iron backing, along with the black fleck in the steel are nice signs to my eye, albeit I am still a novice learning, this is a nice restoration job and as I write this I finished tuning it up and it is done, my ebony mouth infill worked to a hairline mouth, I am almost sad it is taking perfect shavings. I liked it when it was hidden potential, a different type of fun starts now. I just like the process sometimes. Must get some pictures of the finished piece to show you - but it does have a brother...I might have to weight till they are both fully dressed, for modesty sake you understand. Considering I am obsessed with Japanese Planes I can't believe this is my first blog entry on them, I have held back as once the gates open...

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