Thursday 14 June 2012

 Japanese Mallet 

My first best effort - a working prototype.

I made this today, to stop myself going mad from staring at a screen - this new activity modern man spends his time on.

Do I need another plane adjusting hammer?
Probably not.

But it does have a logic to the use of the end grain - I always wanted to use Yew for a handle - for is elastic properties. Having made a few bows in my time I like to use a combination of the heartwood and the sapwood.

No fuss - just over an hours work, tapered drilling with a forstner bit achieved with a clever little jig I came up with.

Now I know it works I will make a robust jig and bang out a few basha's. Pete reckons I could call them 'Berins Bashas' ?!

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