Saturday 19 January 2013

New Saw...

I need a fine saw for fine plane making.
So I cut this blade down and fitted a new handle from
an off cut of this Box I have been using lately.

Cheap flush cut on the right, cut down version on the left.
I really enjoyed hammering those Brass rivets home.
Its nice when you have all the right materials
just where you need them.
Kind of justifies you purchasing them all in the first place...
I have got some lovely hand made Japanese Saws lately.
2013 - the year of the Saw I think.
Got my files - vice on the way - more later...
Time to do what I did with planes to the saw.
2014 can be for the chisel.
I think I have figured out Mallets nearly...
However I am finding less time to do anything lately hence my
blog break, the longest yet I feel since I started?
Buying and selling houses is complicated.
The job is full on - OFSTED been and gone...
We all did very well in my department as always...!
I could tell some funny stories...
But I better not.
Been packing up some more of the workshop today.
Nothing major - but still, a strange process.
Stuck and snowed in at the moment.
2 young kids me and my lady all going stir crazy.
Workshop hovering around 1 - 6 degrees...
But when the heater is on all is good.
Small place heat fast - designing new workshop currently...
Not even got a house yet.
Trying not to be something I am not.
I am just a carver after all who hurt his hands,
pretending to be a cabinetmaker for his hobby.
Bit bored of planes now.
Still like mallets mind you -
time to sit and whittle a Magnolia handle now I think.
At this time of my life Philosophy is a luxury I cannot afford.
My mind is freed through pleasurable repetitive tasks.

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