Thursday 10 January 2013

Mitre plane in use...

 Had to modify the Wedge a little bit...

Full Length end grain shavings in Chestnut...

yes I can see it too...

Got the iron sharp and realised the whole problem was my stick in the mud
idea that old things are better eg old steel.
This is rubbish, just like the idea wood planes are
better than metal ones, OR
Japanese tools are better than other tools.
I took 10 end grain full length shavings with a newer Herring bros blade
and 10 with my really old antique one.
No contest, newer steel was better.
Bu not as good as A2 for its resistance...
So this Blade has gone and this shiny one takes its place.
I have now rounded the back of the iron and polished all edges.
I am proud of this plane and it took a few hours of fettling.
Get another photo done complete soon.
Unsure why I am here writing really....
OFSTED descended on my school today and will be observing
my teaching tomorrow...better finish my lesson plans...
Strange times at the moment.
Accepting an offer on my house and workshop puts it into perspective.
Got the bank round tomorrow.
Time to move - set up a new workshop.
Pack up my pride and Joy.
Could soon be a long break from making.
Took me years of doing up the house,
before I could justify making things in the workshop.
But we all dream of a bigger and better workshop,
this is exactly what I am looking forward too!


  1. Berin,

    Nice work getting a fine mouth. I'm curious why you went to all that effort since a fine mouth doesn't make a difference for end-grain cuts. Do you have another use for it too?


  2. Best of luck mate with Ofsted and the move.

  3. Hi Berin
    Great plane and a nice show of you skill.
    The plane has your personality built into it
    It's not just another wooden plane , it's Berin's plane :)
    You next workshop will be better than ever I'm sure.
    All the best buddy

  4. Thanks all for your comments.

    I am finding it impossible to do anything lately.
    Hi Chris, the fine mouth was so you can use the plane on difficult grain as well as end grain.
    Thanks Andy, it does have a little bit of detailing which helps build individuality of course.
    We all dream of the bigger workshop - which reminds me, when you coming to collect this Harrision Graduate Lathe from me?!?!

    All the best everyone,